Thursday, October 6, 2011

Life in the not-so fast lane

My Friend, Vicki started this - made me aware of   nablopomo which is National Blog Posting Month. The challenge is to blog once a day.  Yeah, I am aware that I missed like....4 days.  Is my life that interesting to blog once a day? I'm pretty sure some of it might be, but mostly no. 

Yesterday's work was done quickly, so I decided to clean up my spot in the living room.  The recliner won't retract and I am sure Dave will need to take a look at it.  I'm a nester. My end of the couch has everything needed for a decent 4 hours of life without having to get up. 

So it needed cleaning.  What led to me organizing yarn, what led to me cleaning out the whole yarn stash. I found many skeins of yarn I did not know I had, including lots of bits for the hexipuffs. 

I feel obligated to add pictures to my posts, you know.  This was a sunrise a few weeks ago taken from my front porch. 

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