Friday, May 1, 2015

Adventures in Minimum Wage - The Mini Rant

I've been a cashier for 5 days now. I've not seen the back room except to put the broom away.

BUT.. here's the deal:

I SAID both on my application and in person that I did not want to work Sundays, Sunday Night, Any night BEFORE class. Class is Monday Wednesday and Friday.

So when does my boss schedule me for this next week? Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday 4-10 pm.

I stole the meme. I mean, can't ANYONE EVER LISTEN TO ME?!?!?!?! 

I don't put these exceptions down willy nilly, I NEED TO HAVE PEOPLE LISTEN TO MY SCHEDULE!!!  I get up at 5:30 .......not on some mornings, EVERY FUCKING MORNING!! 
How else are chores going to get done?

So yeah.. I want to work til 10, get home at 10:30.. get to bed around 11 and get to sleep around Midnight...BECAUSE 5 HOURS OF SLEEP IS KEWL!! Especially RIGHT BEFORE EXAMS!!

Guess what day my quizzes + exams are in Microbiology??? FRIDAY MORNINGS AT 9:00 AM.
awesome, just freaking awesome!! I get to tank quizzes because my boss won't FUCKING LISTEN TO ME. 

Yes, I'm thinking about quitting....already. Just because people WON"T FUCKING LISTEN TO ME. 

Get the jist of what I'm saying? Well then! you're smarter than my boss!

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