Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Adventures in Minimum Wage - An Abrupt End?

So after the rant, I went in and did my Sunday work and looked at the board. I had already decided to quit the job as the hours I was getting were unworkable for more than a few days.

I perhaps did not make myself clear when I said there were hours I didn't want to work. It wasn't that I didn't 'want' to work them, it's that I 'couldn't' work them. You see, my schedule is wonky, but uber-tight. If I'm not working one job, I'm either working here at home or studying. Which sounds odd, right?

My day starts off at anywhere between 5 and 6 am every morning. Not 5 days a week, but every stinking morning. 
I stumble down the stairs, feed snacky treats to the cats at bottom stair.
Then I spritz, candle and turn eggs in the incubator.
Then I dump out the bad water and give new water to the 3 baby ducks and 4 baby chickens in the laundry room. And feed them too.
Then it's outside:
Open the coop, let out the ducks and chickens,
open the garage, let out 1/2 of the geese, check on the brooder chickens and make sure they have food + water.
Open the goose pen.
Check on broody girl geese refresh food and water.
Empty out and replace water in 5 kiddie pools.

Then make sure everyone is ok, no one is dead.. make note of who is limping.  Today it was dark out with the rain, so I dug under a grumpy Fred and candled her eggs. One looks viable and will hatch next week sometime. This is good, because I've got 3 eggs in the incubator that can go at the same time. It's always MUCH BETTER to have a goose hatch the eggs and be Mom. Fred is gonna be a great Mom this year.

Then, after that...an hour has passed and I can get in and get my coffee. 7 am. 
If it's a school day, I'm out the door in an hour and fifteen minutes to get to Monroe on time.

Get home at noon. 
Check on animals, start studying, throw something in the crock pot for dinner.
If I'm lucky (and lately I'm not) I can get an hour in for a nap.

4 pm, Dave messages me, then comes home. We get dinner on the table at about 5. Night chores take about 1/2 an hour at sunset. Then I can relax with nothing to do but knit and watch tv for about 2 hours. then it's turn the eggs, refeed and rewater the baby animals in the laundry room, go to bed.

 I usually get there about 10:30, asleep around 11.  So.......on a good day, 6 hours of sleep, maybe 7 on a great day.  With this recent work..I was getting 5 - 5 1/2 mainly because 8 hours of standing was affecting my already bad ankles.  It took them at least an hour to stop screaming.  Yeah, in 2005 I fell down the stairs and sprained both of my ankles; the right one so badly I could not walk without crutches for 6 months. That's another story for another day.

So when I say I don't want to work this time or that time, it's because I can't without it seriously affecting the work I'm already doing. I've got this whole block of time during the day that is just floating free, but NO ONE wants to fill up that time with work. They want late nights, or weekends. Or both. If I'm not here to do chores, THEY DON'T GET DONE. And my animals will die. 

So maybe retail is not for me. I need to be able to count on a specific schedule that does not change. I need to have a manager that understands that my schedule cannot change to their whims because my schedule does. not. change.  Well, at least until the next semester.

I am so looking forward to having one job. Dave will be great at being the flock master and I will be happy to work in a lab. 

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