Friday, May 22, 2015

Gonna be a 'glass half empty' day, I guess.

We lost a goose last night. She got into the road and hit by a car. We noticed Penny dead in the road when we went to do night chores. Dave gathered her up and we put her in the yard so that the other geese could see she was dead. I have a theory that they accept the loss of a flock-mate better if they see the body.

Penny was the gal that looked most like her Mom, Sissy. She will be missed. No amount of harassment and nothing short of a fricking 6' fence will keep those damned geese out of the road. They've got 30 acres of land behind that road ripe for the grazing, but they just wont.  stay.   out.      of.    the.   road.


I've been working on things to sell in my Etsy store: Things of interest I find in my trips to Goodwill, Vintage Patterns, Some Workbasket mags from the '50's. My decision right now is that attempting to get a job that would be able to work around the schedule here would be just as disastrous as before. EVEN THOUGH, I have no school to work around, I still need to be here to let out the animals in the morning. ...and to be honest, I need to be checking on them during the day as well. Apparently being available from like 7 am til 8 pm  Mon - Sat is too stringent of a schedule for most employers.

Another friend, another diagnosis of cancer. Another prayer shawl working on the needles. It seems as though there's an epidemic of cancer these days. I guess it's luck that I don't have insurance to see the doctor. I will not know that I am dying of cancer until I'm well past the point of no return.

I'm having issues with every gosling dying in the shell before hatching. I put one gosling under Gracie and she buried it in the nest. I found it dead the next morning. She gave me 4 bruises on my arms trying to give her a baby to Mom and what does she do? Kill it.  Bitch.

So perhaps my attitude right now is less than happy happy joy joy. 

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