Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Um, stuff?

Yes, I am still down to the one flockmistress job and school. Finals are this week, and I have one left in Microbiology.

'Tis probably good I quit last week at the store anyways. I contracted a cold so bad that I lost my sense of smell and taste for two days. That is only the 2nd time that's ever happened. As it stands now, I am not fully recovered. I have bronchitis and also this thing where I'm just not all that hungry. Which can be good, since I've got plenty of weight to lose.

When I wasn't sleeping or horking up a lung this last week, I managed to compile a pattern of all the prayer shawls I've knitted in the last year. It's all my notes on the revisions: How I made them smaller, modified to fit one brand of yarn, and one needle. ***CLICK HERE ***** for the pattern on Etsy
Pattern costs $3.99 and the money goes to buying more yarn for my prayer shawl efforts.

This one here is a shawl version of the 'My Way' pattern. The original knit was given to Kevin, who passed away a few months ago. I was watching "Singin' In the Rain" about 2 weeks ago and felt the loss of Kevin in a big way. He loved those kinds of movies.

So I decided to alter the pattern a bit so that it can be a stole instead of a throw but in the same colors as the original.

*** Pause to hork up more crap out of my lungs***

It's getting better, honestly! I CAN get stuff out of my lungs now, instead of struggling, coughing so hard that I am popping calcium off my ribs and throwing up......trying to take any meds I have here that pertain to asthma and breathing.

In an effort to keep busy, I'm working on a few things I'd like to try to sell online: Survival Kits broken down into Mods (like Firestarting, water, shelter, etc) and a coconut-oil-free hand salve. My Sister is allergic to Coconut, so I was inspired. So far, that one will have Shea and Mango butter in it. Working on scents and additives to give it staying power.

What will become of me after finals? I don't know. Right now, I'm just trying to keep alive and gain back my health. 

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