Tuesday, February 11, 2014


So far, the coldest winter on record here in WI, officially.  Each winter there is one article of clothing that I grow sick and tired of wearing. This year, that would be my full-length powder blue goose down coat. Yeah, it's a great coat. It's warm. But if I have to endure that thing for another month, I'm going to scream.

About a year ago I purchased some 10 skeins of blue alpaca yarn off of eBay. Last weekend it finally told me what it wanted to be. It's a farose shawl in cables. The pattern is entirely made up in my head.

Right now I'm going to get down to a rant, so plug your ears. I'm sitting here with my ipad on my laptop, with photos in my ipad that refuse to be shared with my laptop. I mean, it's on the same flipping network, it's supposed to be sharing on the icloud but no.  I went to 3 different websites, including Flickr to put this *ONE* photo on so I could share it with my blog. None of the sites would allow sharing with blogger, INCLUDING G+!!! And when I email a photo to myself, GMAIL>>>> I want it IN MY LAPTOP!! Not on google drive, idiots!

And this is why we fail, people. This is not rocket science but a simple photo sharing amongst devices. It's brain-dead simple and we still fail at it.  /rant.  ** Edit; three days later, and the link fails. UBERFAIL on a simple photo sharing.

So..anyways...it's working well, I traded the nickel-plated tips on my Knit Picks Options needles for the wooden ones because they have a sharper needle. When you're cabling without a cable needle, sharp points help out immensely.

Inside our old incubator is a number of brown chicken eggs and 6 duck eggs. The bottom chicken eggs have been in for about a week and a half.  The top ones were put in last Saturday. Now chicken eggs incubate in 21 days, Duck eggs, 30. So it takes planning to get 30 chickens to hatch at the same time 6 ducks hatch.

I've been candling the chicken eggs to acclimate myself to the fact that the darker shells make it very hard to see what's going on in the egg itself. I've rigged up an empty toilet paper roll to the top of an LED flashlight with something like 12 LED's to make a candling rig. The extra LEDs is helping. Before, a one LED flashlight would candle a duck egg without problems. That's because the shells are white and very translucent.

So far, I see one chicken egg that is non fertile and one duck egg. They are all being hatched with the plans to become next year's food. All the eggs come from our poultry. The geese are laying as well, but we let the gals brood their own babies. They are such good mamas and daddys. The ducks have never shown any interest in brooding, even when we let the eggs stay in their nest.

The chickens....well there will be so many chickens hatched that we don't think the two hens would be able to handle that amount of babies. We'll brood them inside.  

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