Thursday, February 20, 2014

LAND!!! I See LAND!!

Yep, there are few patches of land out there under all this snow. The last few days helped out quite a bit. I got to  muck out both the goose pen and the chicken coop. We ended up having to do a deep-bed type bedding for the animals simply because it was 1: Warmer, and insulates the floor and 2: we really couldn't get the stuff up until it defrosted a bit.

6" of wet, smelly, poopy straw was under the nice upper layer. It's a decent way to go for winter, but it makes mucking take hours. And my elbow still doesn't like it. However, I do appreciate the effects of Aleve in getting rid of much of the pain and swelling.

I've started the last sleeve on the gray sweater. Once that is knitted up, I'll block it and see if it fits me better. It's a close fitting thing now, but hopefully the blocking will give me a better fit.

The cabled shawl is longer, with many cables on it.

I finished up a hat for my seatmate, Cody who wanted one for his Dad.

A test in Calc yesterday was ..meh. I forgot a few things I shouldn't but with work and this illness that dogs me, I did as well as I could I guess.  A few more nice days and some rest and maybe this cold/bronchitis will go away. It's gray, windy and raining out there now. I enjoyed yesterday's sun.

We had Ronson inside for an inspection night before last. He had this lump under his beak. You can see it in the photo. Now, normally there isn't one, so I was concerned. There is a condition where geese can get feed stuck under their tongue. It gets infected and well...nasty. But Ronson (Ron's Son, get it?) is fine.

He's got himself a little dewlap! Normally production African Geese don't get dewlaps under their chin. He's a cross though. We're not sure if Sissy, his Mom is a true African goose.

Ronson was hatched by Sissy, raised by the uncles and really has never set foot in the house until now. He was ape-shit over it! He's also a very loud and very BIG gander. Nice knob, right? He's not even a year old and he's as big as Percy, but lacks Percy's phenominal knob. 

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