Friday, February 14, 2014


So sometime in the last month, I hurt my elbow/bicep/lower arm area in my left arm.  Probably toting those stupid cans of water out to the animals. Writing notes makes it hurt, reaching out and grabbing my ipad makes it hurt, any effort to bear weight on it makes it hurt. So I sit here with a heating pad wrapped around my left elbow to see if I can get relief. So far............meh

The weather has turned warmer...meaning it's now over 10°F instead of under.  Our eldest pair of mating geese have left the flock and set up house in the garage next to the dead van.  Ron and Sissy were in there one night as I was getting everyone ready for bed. Both honked and honked and would not move. OK, fine. You get to stay in the garage. A heated bucket of water, a tub full of food and some cushy straw and they're all happy.

Yep, our old van bit the dust during that last cold snap. We found a Jeep Cherokee to replace it. Old, loud and full of electrical issues, but runs and is paid for.  Notice the *one* working headlight? That's one of the things Dave fixed last Monday.

It seems as though a 4 wheel drive car with some storage ability would be a good thing these days. I'm sick of dropping the top on the convertible to put 2 bales of straw in it at the feed store, then putting the top back up and driving home.

The jeep can carry 4 bales no problem.
Incubation is going well with the eggs. What you see here is a duck egg we put in the incubator last Saturday. It's difficult to photograph candled eggs, so forgive the graininess of the picture. The only thing that will take these photos is my ipod touch and it has craptasticly low resolution.

So this egg is on it's 6th day of incubation at roughly 100°F with humidity at about 50%. What you see is veins running through the yolk, plus a large red blob. That blob is its' heart. During this next week, the yolk will form into vital organs and become darker. That's when it gets difficult to really see what's going on.  The next week gives you a darker view into the egg, but the week after that is fun because the newly formed little chick moves around and stuff. We are expecting our first hatch of baby chickens next week.

Don't worry, there will be pictures.
The lad who sat next to me last semester in Calculus has requested one of my garter stitch hats for his Dad, so I've been either knitting that out of Malabrigo Worsted in the colorway of Jaen, or on the cable shawl. I knitted the lad a hat for Christmas to thank him for all his help. Without him, I would've not gotten as far as I did IN Calculus.  I kept glancing over on his notes and asking him questions about it. He was a trooper for putting up with me.

With the arm being as it is, there's not much else TO do that won't give it more grief. As most of my manipulations while knitting are on the right hand, it's a better thing to keep me from moving the arm much. 

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