Monday, February 24, 2014

ugh, the winter will never end, will it?

I'm determined to not let it get me down, but then it pretty much did. Last Saturday I was out doing night chores and slipped on the ice. I went down carrying to canisters of water. My arm was not happy to suffer another injury. The left knee has a bruise and oddly enough; my stomach muscles were pulled.

Aleve is my friend this winter.

A quick look at the chickens that were hatched last weekend. We had 8 hatch, and another two are expected today.  This is the 1st week of the 3 week long hatching fun that will culminate in us having 30 chickens to raise to butcher and eat next fall/winter.

They're doing well. I have one that hatched last night that is a bit more tired than the others. As you see in the photo, we first stuck them in the bathtub after realizing the usual spot in the laundry room was not going to work. There is little heat in the laundry room, and the heat lamp was not putting out a consistent temp.

**Normally, the weather outside by now is consistently in the 30's and 40's...but not this year ***

So we stuck them in a box in the bathtub. Which was fine until we needed to fill water for chores. Now they are beside the sink and the door stays closed.  

This is the hat knitted for Cody's Dad. I've not seen him yet to give it to him. Malabrigo worsted is some great soft yarn. It should keep him warm for many years to come.

He wanted Packer Colors, so I frogged a pair of mittens that I've stashed now for 2 years. They were 1/2 done and I was not in the mood to finish them.

There's this stuff by Lion Brand called Imagine Prints. Essentially it's a huge knitted tube. What I did was take that stuff on clearance for 3 bucks, and frog it to make a light thread that I'm using doubled to make this cabled scarf. Big cables I'm contemplating buying more of this stuff to make a longer scarf.

Not because I'm not working on like...3 different projects right now, right?

It was started because I happened to stop by the fabric store on my way to pick up the Hubby one day and thought...I could frog that for some nice yarn.

I should just stop doing that. It's a habit of mine to buy one skein of a yarn because it's pretty, then have not enough for a project.

The cabled shawl is progressing. I made a strange cable cross in the middle while babysitting, but I think I can make it a design element.

Now I know I have enough of this yarn. I've got 10 skeins of it!  I will eventually have to figure out how big to make it and what edging needs to be put on, but for now, it's a calming knit.

There was no real aim to this project, only to make a nice, warm, cabled shawl that I can wrap around me while making meals or studying.

And when I study, sometimes my hands get cold. So I have more than a few of these fingerless mitts around. These were made from handspun on size 3 needles. Instead of fiddling with a thumb, I made an increase for the thumb base and then bound off the stitches while knitting that row. I was running out of yarn anyways and sometimes I just don't need a thumb, but to keep my hands warm.

 I like the colors in this: the hues of red then the hues of teal. It was the reason they were knitted into mitts. Sometimes you just need to see color when everything is either white or a shade of white/gray.

It looks formless and a blob, but it's a prayer shawl. I'm behind in my donations to the church for the shawls, but hey...I can't be the only one they depend on for these shawls.  It gets annoying that a few people will donate much to the church and the rest skate on just throwing bucks into the offering plate.

In times past, if a family was poor, they'd donate their time and talents. If you've gone into a church built before 1900, you'd see much of that in the altar and carvings. Just because you did not have money didn't mean you did not donate your talents whenever you could.

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