Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Vacations were a lot more fun as a kid

Summer vacation! YAY! or..ugh?
Well, the truck took it's last straw and died on me last week. I was DONE with dealing with that stupid thing! The tow truck driver and I were getting too friendly.

Dave and I talked about it. Test drove a few cars and then test drove this PT Cruiser. I bought it...mainly because for a 2002, it had less than 70,000 miles on it. It's in really good condition for its age. I hope it runs for a few more years without issues. And it better, considering I'm now making payments on it.

Which means I need a job, right? HA!
What's with this  apply one week/ interview the next/ let me know 2 weeks later? WTH? I need a job NOW! I've been off school for almost 3 weeks and NOTHING? UGH

BTW: 3 B's and 1 A...I'm surprised. I expected more C's.  It was a brutal semester. This upcoming one ought to be brutal as well.

Knitting? I'm knitting washcloths. I've got knitting ADD.  All I can focus on is something small. It's getting better. I'm going through stuff to see what I can sell and what needs to be done. ADD is on it's way out.

When I'm done, I'll have about 30 0f these things. I think I'll try to sell a bunch and what does not sell goes into the church rummage sale/craft sale. That ought to help them out!

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