Monday, May 23, 2016

"Yeah, Nice Lady"

It's a quote that's been running around my head now for a week. It's from a movie, can't remember which one but all I know is that when it was said, the quote was from a guy and it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the movie. The guy was beat up, drugged or something. It will come to me, but right now, it's just random garble in my head.

Which happens when I finish up a semester of school. I get random stuff stuck in my head.

I also have a severe case of ADD. It's gotten to the point where I'm CLEANING  and knitting dishcloths! DISHCLOTHS people!  There's not a thing wrong with dishcloths, really. It is just a symptom of my inability to concentrate for more than 2 seconds. I feel like a fish in Finding Nemo.

One of 2 baby blankets I've finished in the last month or so. This one is interesting in that the yarn is a super-bulky yarn from Red Heart: boutique dash.  Ok, so the yarn is like spool knitted. I found a skein in clearance and started fiddling with it to see if I could unravel it. Yep! And once I got it started, I HAD to buy it.

One skein wasn't enough and danged if this stuff is hard to find.  The 2nd skein came on Mother's day and I have this one off the needles. It's uber-soft and warm.  This one will go to my nephew and his mate on the birth of their next offspring.

If it were any bigger, I'd keep it myself since its soo soft, but it's really not big enough for my lap. Ah well.

Baby goosies have hatched and this years' Mama and Daddy are Ron and Gracie.  They're doing a wonderful job of it and have conned another female into helping. So enter.......Auntie Eleanor.

Here's Mama Gracie with the babies. Tonks is in the sled turned into a bathtub while Lupin is standing there with attitude. I find that these sleds make great baby baths for the goslings. It keeps them out of the bigger pools which is a Godsend because they can get stuck in them and drown. These little pools are set next to a big pool so Mom and Dad can bathe while keeping and eye on the little ones.

Now right now I'm only guessing we have one male and one female based on their sizes and how they walk. I worried about Tonks there for a while, she did not seem to be growing at all. Compared to her brother, she's a little smidge of a goose. But she IS growing and that's what matters. Mama Gracie and Daddy Ron are VERY protective of them and are great parents. 

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