Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Who knew a smart phone would be this fun?

I've not had a cell phone for years. We have one cell phone that goes in the car. It's what we term, the 'burn phone' a tracphone with prepaid minutes we load every 3 months for those emergencies. Well, I'm doing a lot more things away from the house. Dave and I decided we might actually take a vacation this year, so I researched cell phones and plans.  I'm amazed that people will pay 600 bucks for a frigging phone and then fork over another 150 a month just to play on it. It's more than I can ever afford to pay for a simple phone and internet.

Mine is a $150 phone with a $25/month service. Republic Wireless.

The phone is good, and the 3G works fine. There's still a black hole of cell reception by the house, but the wifi takes over. I use my phone for photos, video, ebooks, radar, facebooking, and texting. The photos are turning out really good, with the exception that google is trying to hijack EVERYTHING on it. Someone should tell them their Google + sucks ass and no one wants to be on it.

A view of the side yard this morning. Storms rolled through all night and forced the tall grass down. The geese love that. the soybean field is in the back right, the garden is in front of that and there's a berm that curves around the garden. It keeps the lower field from flooding. Good grass is down there and you see the geese and ducks happily munching their way to the garden. As the top part of the garden gets washed out a lot, Dave planted oats in the top 10'. A span of 10' by 40' is covered in oats that the geese just LOVE to munch on.

Dave's birthday was last Sunday, and I invited people over to celebrate. I was walking into the house to get food out, tripped and hit my head on the back door. Yes, I saw stars. Yes, it hurt a lot. I hollered HELP! and Dave came to my aid. He gave me a preliminary once-over to make sure I did not have a bad concussion. He proclaimed it was a mild one and that I should take it easy.

that's a goose-egg on my forehead coupled with a long scratch. It's tender. This morning the swelling is down, but I still have the scratch and tenderness. It's a good thing I did not hit the door in the places where the pegs stick out. The door has a cross buck decoration on it that is basically plastic held on by pegs. It's coming off and there are pegs that stick out. I hit the door more towards the hinges and missed them all entirely. If I did, that would've been a trip to the ER to be sure.

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