Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mother Geese

This is Nelly who has a baby gosling nestled under her wing with it's little head sticking out by her butt. Look closely and you'll see. I tucked this pipped egg under her wing 3 days ago and it hatched. Her eggs weren't viable.

She's last years' gosling and they really don't get the hang of brooding and such until the 2nd year. We've got a few gals that are really good Moms; Luna is foster Mom to Elsa and she is just loving it. Molly is just a natural Mom who has always had good clutches of goslings.

Nelly is slowly picking up what to do. The last 2 days we've had her segregated 98% of the time from the flock so that the gosling can get on it's feet, learn to eat and drink and learn who is Mom. Today they are out on the land checking out stuff. Nelly's got the jist of keeping the kid near her, but does not understand when the baby needs to have mom lay down so it can warm itself under her wing.

She's very protective of her; attacked me about 4 time already..coming at me with wings outstretched beating me with them. I'll have bruises on my legs for sure.

I've knitted another hat, and another baby blanket. I'm working on some prayer shawls for the church. I'm working on this pattern I've devised:

Yarn: Hobby Lobby  I Love This Yarn! in  whatever color you want. Mine is a dark blue.
Needles: 10 1/2 straights, though circs would be fine as well.
Prayer: Whatever one you use for your shawls
CO: 77 stitches. First row: K7 P7  repeat till the end
Row 1, P1, k6...repeat til end
Row 2, P2, k5,  repeat
Row 3: P3 K4,  repeat
Row 4: P4, k3,  repeat
Row 5: P5, K2,  repeat
Row 6: P6, K1,  repeat
Row 7, Purl all

Then repeat rows 1-7.  I like the repeat of the 7 rows that reminds me of the repeat of a week, and to rest on Sunday.

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