Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If Google wants to compete, they need to change

So here I sit, on a Google sponsored site: Blogger. Of course, I have nice photos and videos on Google + because they INSIST! I must put my cell phone photos there...but I cannot share them on blogger...........a Google site without downloading them and then uploading them again.

Stupid, moronic and vapid. If you want to compete with places like Facebook, you need to start acting like you can do better than them.

It's been a summer of 'meh'. Meh as in I just have not done much except sit on the ground staring  at goslings or taking naps. Yah, sure knitting is going on.

This is the photo of my prayer shawl with the pattern I've devised. So far I'm into it for a skein and a 1/3.  I'm thinking it would take about a skein and a half to get about a 6' shawl. It's almost done. Then there's another one in purple that I'm making as well.

Each one is from a pattern I've modified from looking at photos of other shawls/baby blankets. The patterns are all riffs off the number 7. The blue one is essentially a countdown from 7 to 1 using knit purl.

The purple one is a knit 6 purl one that is repeated so that there are two dips in each one instead of just ribbing.  The photo is a bit more purple than the real color, but you get the jist.

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