Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I'll let you in on a little secret: In my mind, I have like 5 ideas for blog posts every week. Due to age and my schedule, by the time I get to the posting, I forget them.

Some ideas:

  1. A nice listing of hobbies/interests that I understand, but just don't 'get'. 
  2. List of what I've learned from my Grandmother. It boils down to three things: 1, independence 2. frugality, and 3 putting family first.
  3. Moments in my life where I've dodged HUGE bullets.  I lead a blessed life, not because it's all been easy, but because there were moments in there where I was given a choice between easy and correct. I chose correct. 
  4. If I were to write a book, which story would I choose?
  5. Mindless rants about how people drive, stare at their phones or just are assholes. Yeah, like that hasn't been overdone on other blogs!
  6. inane photos of more geese, ducks, chickens and knitting. Oh you know that will happen anyways, right? 
Summer is summer. Tyranny of the shoulds keeps reminding me to study math every day. I do get at least one day a week in so far. Two new goslings hatched this week.
 I'm not impressed by our hatchings this year, but two factors went into that: 1. Odd winter. Very Odd, very cold, very long winter and 2. Yearling girls. They have a tendency to be a bit wild in their teenage years and don't want to do the things necessary to be Moms.   With Molly's brood, we've only had 8 new goslings this year. We should have 3 times that. 

I've been repainting the downstairs. The last time I did that was in oh...2007?  Time to update. Paint colors are : Light lavender for the dining room, light mint for the front room. The kitchen stays the same butter color. I might do a cocoa in the bathroom if I get time.

I'm knitting prayer shawls for the church. I found that I prefer Hobby Lobby's "I love this yarn" to Red Heart. It's just softer. Who wants a scratchy prayer shawl?   Once I get this one done, I'll write up the pattern and offer it for free as a pdf file both on here and in Ravelry.

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