Thursday, June 5, 2014


I've been having interrupted sleep lately which is screwing up my days something fierce. It also makes me very short-tempered.  I also could not give a rat's hairy butt what I look like with 4 hours of sleep plus 2 hours of trying to sleep on a 30 year old recliner. So. Here's my not giving a crap look:

Penny hatched out one gosling. Well, there was another one but it died shortly after getting out of the shell. Chaos ensued the days after the hatching and we could not convince the uncles that they should leave Mom and Dad alone to bond with the gosling.

In the chaos of hissing, wing beating and fights, some goose stepped on the egg and on the gosling inside. I tried to help it out, but he was a goner.

Nellie is brooding in that same garage. When her babies hatch the fencing goes up around the opening to the garage that same moment and does not go off until time to put them back in. The uncles are just too violent.

These are the uncles: Sweet Pea, Gingi and Buddy with Penny in front. They pretty much take over rearing the gosling from Dad once the door to the garage is open.  I don't know why Sissysan lets them do it, but he does.

Good thing is that Sissysan and Penny and baby get alone time in the garage at night. The uncles have their own space in the goose pen.

My knitting projects have become as sporadic as my sleep. A baby blanket has been knitted and I have to get it finished up for the little one. Another 2 blankets for upcoming babies need to be made. My Godson has reproduced!

This ought to be fun. No really.

Now I should be studying calculus like my life depends on it, but evaluating integrals with 4 hours of sleep is not working. I can't even do simple algebra.

oh wow much would I love to just get some sleep....

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