Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I will stay focused on knitting this time

Ok, one thing first: I have become the mother of a gosling. She hatched out last Friday. We've taken her everywhere this last weekend as she is very needy. I'm in negotiations with Luna, one of our gals to see if she will watch the gal outside for those times when I'm needed to be inside. So far..so good. Luna is very shy but very taken with the baby. She'd love to be a Mom to her.

OK before my computer dies again:
 I've knitted 6 of these hats so far. Of all the yarns I've used, I like the Patons Kroy best. It's thicker yarn than the other sock yarns which makes a nice, warm hat for 3 seasons out of 4. I find myself wearing hats a lot lately to keep my hair out of my eyes when doing chores and to keep warm.  The upside to them is that they also make good pouches to keep baby goslings in. The babies like to feel as though they are under Mama's wing, so I will pop them into a hat, roll down the brim and let their noses peek out.
 Do I need 6 more hats? SURE! I mean, who doesn't right?> 

The green one turned out wonky due to the decreases being done wrong. I forgot to double decrease on the 4 decreases so it looks odd on the top. That's what happens when you don't read and comprehend the pattern fully.

Other projects on the needles:

  1. dogbone pillow that I just found...again
  2. Cabled Shawl about 2/3 done
  3. Prayer Shawl #3
  4. Baby blanket #2
  5. Another hat in Cadet Blue
  6. Queen Anne Shawl stalled on round 75
  7. Cabled sweater hibernating until fall
  8. Icarus shawl just plain hibernating
  9. socks of varying completion (at least 2 that I know of)
  10. 1 mitten out of 2 done
Yes, I have a disease and I need to complete some of these things. Some will wait until it is cooler out, the prayer shawls are ongoing and this one is about 4/5 done. I need about 5 more rows and then fringe because apparently, the recipients like fringe. 

My one baby blanket is done. I'll have photos when I weave in the ends. 

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