Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Have you ever wondered why I have pictures of tornadoes on my blog? I find them fascinating. They're God's own havoc in a tight, spiraling cone of Hell. Spawned from nothing but wind, they can destroy lives and property in seconds only to go POOF! and be gone.  Utterly fascinating.

I know they kill persons and animals. I know they destroy lives. A conversation I had once with a person living in CA went like this:
"I wouldn't live in CA, too many earthquakes. Likewise, I wouldn't live in the gulf coast. Too many hurricanes." I said.
"Well I wouldn't live in Kansas or anywhere near there, too many tornadoes." My friend replied.
"Yes, but I don't build my house on a tornado! You built your home like miles from an earthquake fault."
My response.

To live in a place where danger is imminent because of a crack on the Earth, or location that gets banged up by tropical storms is inviting destruction. Tornadoes are much more random.

So as I woke from my nap today, I remembered the forecast from the weather man stating spotty showers. I look up the radar to see a storm heading right for me, with purple in the center. Oh what fresh hell is this? I go outside and look to the Northwest. I hear rumbles but the sun is shining and all is peachy. Then I hear that annoying tornado siren from 2 miles away in Orfordville. Aw shit!  I scan and scan off the back 40. I see nothing. Trust me, I can see for at least 20 miles off the back. And then I spot it:

To me, it looked as though someone had started their burn pile on fire. But the plume of smoke kept moving towards me. Just a fine feather of smoke, but it was gaining on me from the distance.  Now see how far I can look off my back yard? That thing had to be a few miles away at least.

By the time it gets to this close to me. I decide it's time to get Alex out of his upstairs bedroom and ready to bail to the basement. We never did get to the basement. We stood there watching the storm until he got bored and went back upstairs.

About a minute after I took this picture, the tornado dissipated; while I was trying to take video. Which sucks for me, but advantageous to the neighboring town of Beloit, which was spared any damage. The only thing out a few miles from me is a few farms and lots of corn. 

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