Friday, January 24, 2014

January is a tough month to endure

It's been freezing cold for pretty much the whole month. Today it is a balmy 13° in Wisconsin, but the wind is gusting 30 mph out of the West. It's enough to take what little breath you have away. SO...Sissy's inside again. She's stressed out ..again. She's got a patch about the size of a fifty cent piece plucked to the skin on her chest.  That's some pretty serious stressing going on. Until she can go outside and get away from the flock on a regular basis, she'll spend her days inside with me.

I did not pass calculus last semester, so I get to take it again. This semester it is offered at night. I hope that means I can learn better. 8 am was not a good time to learn complex math.  I thought it was a bummer to be gone from my honey nights, but then I thought, 'he's got Friday through Tuesday off all day. In effect, I will have as about as much time as I have now with him.' Only Tuesday - Thursday will I not see him much. And to pick up an extra credit, I'll be helping the theatre department with their spring program. It should be fun!

In an effort to get rid of some of my yarn stash, I knitted up this sweet combo:
It's made from Martha Stewart Roving (hey, it was a buck a ball) with a seed stitch on size 11 needles for the hat, size 13 for the cowl.  It's warm and covers my face when I am outside from the wind. I swear I can put up a few turbines out behind the garage and run all of the nearest town on the generation!

Yes, that is me under the wool..,,somewhere.

The well pump is unfrozen, but it burst a pipe underground.  That's greeeeaaaat. I'm trying to figure out how to send water outside after the cold snaps so I can fill pools. Right now the best idea is to run a hose from the laundry room outside to fill buckets. UGH!

To do my work now means I get to fill up these buckets with 3 gallons of water each, put them in the wheelbarrow and truck them out to the goose pen. One container fills one bucket-ish. 12 containers a day: 6 in the morning and 6 at night.  It sucks. 

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