Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Watering and Feeding are done, now I can rest

It is oh...-12° F here in Wisconsin right wait...-11°. (in order to type a ° sign on your keyboard, hold key and type in 248 at the same time)

The outside faucet froze last week and has yet to thaw. I mean, how could it? It's been below zero for what...a week now?

Sissy's been in the house for 2 days now. She is not comfortable being around the rest of the flock constantly. It stresses her out. The only goose I know who is not similarly connected to the flock.  

She gets to stressing too much, she worries the feathers on her chest. They get wet, then frozen, then she gets sores. So she's inside isolated from the others for at least another day.
Dealing with the cold is just draining on my energies. There's nothing for it, but dayum! I'd like it to stay warm for a while. Yesterday, I had to do both morning and night chores plus dig out my car from the end of the driveway. Alex spun the car in the ditch last Friday on the way home from work. Fortunately the car was easily pulled out by a farmer with a tractor, but it developed a wobble. The local dealership took out the wobble after I got it unstuck and to them.  UGH! Winter's a bitch!

Oh, and Happy New Years! 2014 will probably be another year..another 365 days of challenges. It will get warmer, then colder. I can guarantee that.

In order to keep us all warm during the cold snap, I made another one of my duck down comforters. This one is wider: 67" wide by 60".  It needs perpendicular baffles sewn into it, but it will work for now. I'm thinking that a few of the channels in the middle could use more down/feathers as well. They are warm, I'll tell you that!

We nap under them, and when you wake up...well you just don't want to get out from under them. I am very thankful that they are here. Thank God for those ducks and for my willingness to take the time to pluck them properly so that the down could be used for many years.

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