Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Semester Break

Classes start again at the end of the month. I'm using the time to rest. Usually that would mean not doing much, but in my case it means doing what I want to do instead of have to do. So....I'm knitting, spinning and sewing.

The first up is the baby quilt fresh off the sewing machine. It's a zig-zag pattern that is inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. No, really! I actually DID something I saw on Pinterest! The pattern is a bugger though. In order to get the zig-zag lines to come out right, you need to put a solid color between the patterned pieces and keep the same solid color throughout. I sewed a top last Saturday that was just tragic because the lighter stripes were not consistent.

The gray thing is a sweater. It's from the book Men's Knits: 20 New Classics . It's the one called the Tweed Cabled Sweater.  It is one sleeve short of completion. I was knitting this for any male in my house, but a preliminary pre-blocking fit test showed that I'm the only one that can fit in it. The size is the largest in the pattern, and the yarn is Lion Brand Fisherman's wool in oatmeal. The needles are 10 1/2 for the body with a smaller one for the cuffs.

Pattern-wise, it's doing well. Some of the wording on how to end off the thing is just ..wonky. But I'm making do. Good thing I know how to sew! It makes visualizing how the tops of the pattern should look. You sew enough patterns, you know what the sleeve and neckline should look.

The spinning is on the drop spindle because I lost a lock nut on my spinning wheel. I'll need to pick up another one of those before I can spin. With all the kids in and out of here, I'm surprised that my wheel doesn't get more things missing off of it. Kids are drawn to the thing like a magnet and LOVE to treadle it. Slight heart attacks are known to happen when they do that and I'm not around.  I try to keep yarn off the bobbin so they don't skew up the poor thing by treadling.

Drop spindles are good for this kind of spinning anyways. It's bits of wool I got off of Etsy in varying colors. I think there's a need about this time of year to see COLOR, any color others than white or shades of gray. the colors in the selection lift my spirits as I spin. Right now, it's the length of blue that turns to green. This selection is end bits off of roving this Etsy seller creates. 4 ounces costs me about $13 with shipping. The sellers' name is Stefknits.

 Like I said, many colors in this selection. One bit made me want to knit it up right away, so I'm in the process of knitting up a pair of fingerless mitts. The colors range from dark red to aqua and are just mesmerizing. Fingerless mitts showcase the color changes nicely. They are also great for when you're doing your homework and your hands are cold.

And the last thing knitted quickly was another pair of minion slippers. They are not completed. They need to be sewn up and have minion eyes put on them. I whipped them up in a day but man....can't get the gumption up to actuall finish them! Oh well. 

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