Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Random Facts about me

They are random and quirky

1. I don't like phones.
 I don't call people unless forced to.  I don't like answering phones.  It's as close to a phobia as I can get.  After 10+ years in customer service answering phones with people on the other end yelling that I screwed up something I've never created, packaged nor shipped....well I correlate phones with bad.  You want my attention? Email me.

2. I don't like my cuffs wet.  It's just icky feeling to me.

3. I never cook anything in the microwave in plastic. It's either Pyrex or ceramic. After seeing the plastic melt a few times I had to ask myself, "where was this melted plastic?" most likely in my food. Since the majority of plastic is derived from petroleum...ew!
Incidentally, you can put 2 packets of ramen noodles in this loaf pan, fill it 2/3 with water, nuke for 12 minutes and both packets will be cooked.  When it's not in use for that, I usually use the pans to feed juvenile ducks or geese, as they are hard to tip over.

4. I am entirety comfortable being alone. In fact, crowds make me anxious and nervous. I've spent most of my life alone. I'm OK with that.

5. I'm a news hound.  I read about 5 sources of news daily while I drink my morning coffee.  You want the BEST news out there? London's Daily Mail. I'm not kidding! It's a rag when it comes to entertainment news but has the best US News around, beating all the alphabet stations. The 2nd place I go is Drudge. Yes, some people whine about that being a conservative site, but I've done my research. 90% of what they have is available at other news sites.  It's an aggregation of links from around the news sites, which is very helpful when you want to know the news without it being all in-depth.

6. Asleep at 10:30 awake before 6.  I take an hour nap every day in the late morning. That's going to be hard to give up when I get a real job.

7. I can name off breeds of cows, pigs, and dogs. I also know the differences of 5 brands of tractors. All remnants of a youth spent in 4-H and going to the Rock River Thresheree.  Each year, many old time tractors and their owners converge near Janesville and show off their stuff.  I recommend it. The advancement in farming can best be seen when you see the advancement in the tractors used. I'm partial to the very old Rumleys. They're run by steam, you know.

Photo credit: Dave Reasons taken in Penfield, IL 2012

8. Total count of animals I take care of every day: 52.  50 poultry, 3 cats.  We had one duckling drown last week. However, Dave saved 5 more from the same fate. I've learned most of my stuff about incubating eggs, feeding, tending and such from Back Yard Chickens forum.

9. I officially converted to Catholicism in 2008 but was raised 1/2 Catholic 1/2 Methodist.  Dave says that's not possible. I told him I was living proof.  As a kid, I went to Mass with my Grandma while staying with her during summers in the Cashton, WI area. At home, Mom was officially Methodist, but rarely attended.  For most of my childhood years, I thought that the priest was not actually bowing before the host, but checking the level of the altar. That was one level altar!

10. Yes, I did spend about 5 years on welfare. I became pregnant at the age of 22 with my Son, Alex.  His father ....well let's just leave it at he was not willing to be a father........left us. Actually, I left him. But let's not quibble. During that time I was receiving welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing and a medical card. I used the time I was on it to go to Tech School, get a degree in Robotics and get ourselves off of welfare. Alex was 4 when I graduated with an AA In Electro-Mechanical Technology.  All those people out there who tell you that welfare is a dead-end are mostly right.  It takes a certain mentality to get off of the dole.

I don't like being told what to do, I don't like people knowing my business and most of all I did not like the stigma of being a welfare mom. At that time, it was still a stigma and I did not like it one bit.  It would have been easy to just give up, make more kids and stay on it, but I wanted MORE out of both my life and my sons'. To this day, my only regret was who Alex's father is. I don't regret the time on welfare, nor my Son.  

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