Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Knitting Projects

Right now, big storm coming through. I don't know how long I'll have power.  Never fear, we are prepared for just such an occasion.

I'm in that phase of knitting that I call ADD. I cannot focus on a project for too long without finding...oh look, another pretty skein of yarn! I shall start another project!  ~facepalm~!  it IS...really like that. So let's see what's On many needles.

Deephaven cowl in a lovely blue/gray shade of wool + alpaca.  The yarn itself is from Blue Sky Alpacas and is a super bulky yarn that I've respun smaller.  So spinning and knitting something kinda makes me stay with it longer.

 A garter stitch cowl made from handspun small hanks of yarn in teal, brown and white.  It's to match 3 of my Rikke hats and keep me warm this winter.

A sock, made from handspun wool.  It's white, it's warm and I still need to spin up enough to finish this one and make another.  They'll be big enough for Dave.

I snagged a pound of Corredale from Paradise Fibers for a buck a pound.  It was such a deal that I really couldn't pass it up.  As it is working out this year, I may not be able to make it to the WI Sheep and Wool festival.

Dave usually spends that Saturday cooking meet for the Church's Harvest Festival.  His partner in that endeavor has left the church and left them without help for Dave.  There's discussions being made as to whether or not Knute will do it (he owns Knute's Bar and Grill - All you can eat prime rib for $ 16.95 on Saturdays...it's 12 levels past awesome.) Either way, I think my services will be needed in Foot for that day.  My fiber purchases will have to be online.

A red shawl or throw, depending on whether or not I decide to finish it off now.  I think I want to try a sort of slip-stitch wing thing to see if I can get it to wrap around my body better.

The yarn is wool roving that was another bulky yarn -this one from Martha Stewart - that the fabric store had on clearance for a buck a skein. I've spent time re-spinning up 3 skeins of yarn for this ...thing in my favorite color of red.  I like red. Red makes a statement and says; bugger off, I'm not taking your crap.

 It's large, it's formless. It's the back to Alex's sweater.  Totally unnecessary if he makes it to through Marine Boot Camp...........in San Diego. Maybe I'll wear it or something.  I had an urge to make a bulky sweater.

The pattern is the funnel-neck sweater in the Men's Knits book.

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