Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm telling tall tales to geese now

Sissy likes to chew on my hair, even in winter.  She finds a lock sticking out of my hat and chews on it.  Well, in order to do so she has to be on my lap, so I let her up and she chews and I tell her how she's a good goosie and such.

Last night I was telling tall tales of this thing called 'spring'.   When the snow melts and green, tasty grass grows as far as the eye can see.  Where good goosies can go and graze on the fresh grass and even snag those tasty chicory blossoms.  Oh, remember those days, Sissy!?

This morning is desolate, windy, freeze-your-ass-off cold and nothing but that flipping snow.  This is a view from the garage which has been turned into a shelter for the animals.  The door is left open, fresh food and water are laid out, and a layer of straw sits on the floor.  It gives a wind break from the freezing flipping wind.

It's supposed to be my "Spring Break' here.  Spring Break my ass! It's snowing! It's freezing! I'm COLD! And what am I doing on my break? Studying math: Algebra review and Calculus.  All the while I am knitting.  and making sure animals are fed and watered.  This is what I look like geared up to do morning chores:

For the knitters out there: That's a Deephaven Cowl with a Rikke Hat.  Somewhere around my stash is a red Deephaven waiting to be sewn up.  Where I put it, I have NO idea.  It would make a great ensemb, right?

And those are also my new bifocals.  I chose a wide lens so that it does not pop out whenever it gets cold.  Just your basic wire-frames.  For the first few days, I made myself nauseous by just looking out them.  I am training myself to point my nose at what I am looking instead of just my eyes.  That's the key to wearing bifocals according to the nice lady at Wal-Mart Optical. I find myself looking over my glasses less and less to see up close.  There are still a few times I do it, but mostly because it's dark yarn or something.

I was sitting at the opening to the garage letting Percy hang with me while Sissy was laying her egg.  Sissy's laid about 20 or so, but the first 12 were split due to the cold.  We are now incubating her eggs.  One is due to hatch this weekend! I'm excited for her.   Tony the Duck is fine, and out with his group.  He will most likely limp a bit for the rest of his ducky life.  But since he's been out, his girl has laid 3 eggs, so he must be feeling pretty good!

Oh and for those jonesing for a KIP bag, I've added some to the Etsy shop.  The trip to San Diego to see Alex graduate and become a Marine will cost us quite a bit.  We need all the help we can get.  And I was in need of some KIP Bags myself ;)

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