Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The year without a summer

Here it is, March 6th and we've gotten another foot of snow.  What is there to say? Nothing positive, I tell you that!

I swear I've missed more School this semester than....ever.  You blink and it snows again.  As I take another toke off my inhaler because I just came in from spending another hour on that flipping snowblower....let me tell you what I'm knitting:

Tumbling Bunnies is by Julie Tarsha are these cute little stuffed things with feet and socks! I started Alfred yesterday and yes, he needs another leg.  They are fiddly and tough on your hands if  you knit them on size one needles.  My recommendation is yarn and needles that will give you a tight knit on something larger than size 3 needles.

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