Monday, March 25, 2013

Nature, thou art a heartless bitch.........

Technically, it's Spring.  Technically is the key word here. Let's take a look outside, shall we?

Yeah, that's a loaner car next to the van, my car's in the shop again. ~sigh~  My family keeps asking me why I go to the dealer to get my car worked on when there's others who would do it cheaper.  Yeah, but they don't give me loaner cars.  I've got things to do every. single. day. that require a car.

And the car rental places charge $50/day for a car. that really cheaper than the dealer? No. Not even close!  And like I told the Supervisor over there on Friday, I'm giving those mechanics a chance to learn how to fix 'old school' cars without computers, with carburetors etc.  They need the challenge, right?

I've been working on a new shawl pattern called, "Blessed Days."  The first one was knitted from handspun wool from a grab bag offered on Etsy. I emailed the lady the pattern, thought she could use it as a marketing tool to sell her grab bags; offered it for free nonetheless.  Not a word, not an utterance from the seller. Meh.

So the pattern goes up today. This is considered the "Blessed Days." in the Lenten tradition.  It's Holy Week.   We've got a new gal goose in the flock: Molly.  I think I might have related that story, so I'll give you the small version: My BIL found a lady about 3 miles from here with a Toulouse Goose flock. He asked if she were willing to sell a gal, she said yes.  That was before Christmas.  With all the car breakdowns, cold weather and illness, I only got back to the lady week before last.  It's lambing time for her, so I did not take up much of her time.  We bought a year old Toulouse gal from her and took her home.

Buddy's reaction to the new girl was to chase her away. Great, wonderful. BUT....Percy is taking a liking to her. Molly did not have a name when we got her, but since this is our breeding flock, she gets a name. Molly Weasley to be specific; all the other names are from the Weasley family: Ron, Percy, George, Fred...

Yeah, we started calling Sweet Pea and Ginny "Fred and George" since they're almost twins and never go anywhere without each other. I can tell them apart, but Dave has trouble. They're troublemakers as well.

Had to cull one of the banty hens last night with a prolapsed uterus. The majority of the time, the fix for that kind of thing does not work.  So instead of putting us and her through a weeks' worth of stuff, I just had Dave kill her fast and quick.  We've got two broody hens laying on another batch of babies, plus the Mama who hatched out 5 and has 2 left.  Two were frozen and one disappeared.  They're cute little buggers, no bigger than a spool of thread:

Besides, my Spring Break week is done, and I'm expecting 11 ducks to hatch in the next two weeks. No time for one banty hen that dressed out as small as a cornish game hen.  Got a lot of feathers though.

So now that I'm done with the Blessed Days non-handspun version, I'm working on a cabled stole from wool and some hexipuffs to get rid of my stash of bits of yarn. 

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