Monday, January 28, 2013

Will this be me in 20-ish years?

So, Alex and I were watching My Little Pony - Stop laughing, it's actually a decent cartoon.  Well, I must explain: Alex and his Skype friends are 'Bronies' -guys who like My Little Pony.  Hey, he could be doing coke off a dead hookers ass, but instead he's watching a kids' cartoon.  I'm fine with that.  He encouraged me to watch a few episodes to gain an opinion and I did.

It's better than I expected.  (BTW, to whomever made the photo: Thanks! It's a cute pic)

The episode on Saturday that got me thinking was about Alex's favorite pony, Fluttershy and her wish to become friends with a Chinese Dragon named Discord.  Oh and Discord's voice is the same dude who did Q for the ST: TNG  TV Show.  Discord is a mean dragon, always trying to get an angle off Fluttershy who is trying to be nice to him.  Eventually Discord pulls one too many BS moves and Fluttershy gets ticked.  Anyone who knows the show knows, Fluttershy doesn't get ticked often. But she does and she tells Discord that she's not his friend anymore, and that even though Discord has thought he won, he didn't.  Why? Because he lost his opportunity to have any friends.

Discord gets it finally and the moral of the story comes out: Sometimes in a friendship, you don't get your own way.

Profound for a kid's cartoon, eh?  My comment while I was watching that was, "I've got a few In-Laws' who could use that kind of message,"  To which Alex replies, "Have them watch the show."

Yeah, that won't happen and my mind runs through 100 reasons why they won't watch anything. It's new, someone told them to do it, and it's not their thing.  In the last 14 years, I've not seen much new-ness in their lives.  They do what they've always done.  Now, is that going to be me in 30 years? Will I be so set in my ways that I refuse to do anything new, experience anything not in my little realm? Judge people based on my little world?

Oh Lord, I hope not!  I remember flipping channels at the In-Laws' one time, and coming across "How it's Made."  I asked if my MIL wanted to see it and explained the premise of the show to her, "Oh no, I don't want to watch that." She replied.  Who wouldn't want to see how products are made? Isn't everyone curious to see how everyday objects are made? It's a huge hit in this family, so much so we can tell when we've seen an episode too many times. Where's the curiosity in this family?

I wonder if this is my future. As I wonder, I already know the answer is a resounding NO. I enjoy learning new things. I have a curiosity to learn about new cultures, new tastes, new knowledge.  In doing so, I learn a tolerance towards others that I just don't see in many of my fellow man.  I understand stuff because I KNOW about it. I LEARN!!  I mean, how many 43 year old people do you know that go back to school to finish their Bachelor's Degree.  Will I be guaranteed a job after this? Probably not. There are too many narrow-minded individuals who see age and not skills. EH. At least I know more than most.

I learn to cook food from new cultures, I talk to younger students, I read up on anything that I have a question about. Sometimes I get more than I wanted to know, but it's ok. I remember seeing a book in a catalog about something to do with Chickens, I was curious. I Googled the book and it was about neutering male Chickens. Yeah...not going to happen with mine. But at least I KNOW.

Does that make me a bit cocky? Yeah.  I mean, COME ON! I'm not so special.  Anyone can do this, but it means you need to get out of that little world and be able to learn. I'm not going to be a grumpy, narrow-minded, self-righteous 70 year old. I dare to be different!

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