Monday, January 14, 2013


I seem to have lost my ability to write a coherent thought and extrapolate on it, so I'll do random thoughts today.

1. New Years' goals: Work out for one hour with our new Wii every day.  So far, so good.  Even Dave was bowling and doing archery on it yesterday. The tennis part is kicking my butt, but I've got plenty of time to perfect my swing.

2. Another goal: Pay attention to serving sizes on food.  For instance, this is one serving of cereal.  I've been serving myself way too much of everything.  Time to get into the habit of looking at serving sizes.

3. Our Son has made a decision about the military. More when I get concrete proof this is the real deal.

4. Every Morning since it's been so cold, I schlepp out to the animals 3 gallons of water in the morning and in the evening.

Odd thing is that I think they prefer that water to stuff from the faucet. They don't get let out of their pens until the thermometer reaches 10 degrees Farenheit.  Today, that might be a bit later.  Oh I'll rewater and refeed, but they will wander the coop and garage til it hits 10.

5. I've been spinning some Romney wool from a washed fleece on my Midi Bosworth.  Absolutely hands-down my best drop spindle. Each skein on the right is roughly 100 yards. My goal is over 1000 yards to knit a new circular shawl. Only 700 more yards to go. It takes about a day to spin the 200 yards and ply it into 100.

6.  New hat made from Aurora Borealis Twist from Hobby Lobby

7. Mittens knitted from recycled sweater yarn. I needed something in acrylic that could be washed.

Percy taking a bath.  Snow, cold, ice does not really bother them.  They'll be in that pool nonetheless.

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