Monday, January 21, 2013

Have Mercy!

It's like 6 degrees Fahrenheit outside with a wind chill of -30 degrees Fahrenheit.   NO Animal gets outside today...well except for me to do chores.

African Geese can get their knobs frostbitten. So we made the decision to keep them in their enclosure today.  I went out and got them fresh food and water and plugged in a radio to keep them less bored. They're listening to country music.

But let's talk knitting, shall we? Or at least fiber play.  Some new things off the needles:

Not really all that new, but I've been working on my sock leftover blanket for about 5 years.  I'm currently working on straightening it out.  The right side needed another row added down to the bottom and the left side needed another row added to the top. That squares it up, so I can keep knitting it longer.  Right now, it is about 4 1/2' long by 3' wide.

A Pair of fingerless mitts I have been working on for almost a year now.  You know the SSS? Second Sock Syndrome? This is like that, except it's SMS Second Mitt Syndrome.  The first one was done in a week, the 2nd one took 8 months.

Below you will see the needle felted goose I've been working on for a few days. The head and neck turned out good, but making the body is still iffy. I need to make the stripes smaller. Dimensions on this is about 3" long by 2" high. Maybe I ought to try to make them larger.

I also made a quick and dirty black cowl for Alex who is working out outside and needs to cover his nose and mouth while running in cold air. There's a cute shawl on the needles that is made from that Diva yarn from Hobby Lobby. It has sequins in it. I'm on my 2nd and last skein.  It should be done before too long.

School starts again this week, Friday.  I have Physics, Animal Biology and Chemistry for Engineers. I took the Biology because of my flock of animals here.  It has absolutely nothing to do with my Engineering major, but fills my need for knowledge.

I am enjoying my last bit of free days; writing some. working on a draft pattern for a Regency type dress and taking naps. It's good that I took this time off from doing schoolwork. 

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