Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hey Google? I don't have a cell phone, stop asking me to give you it's number!

Back to the original plan; which was...I didn't have a plan really.
I've got 2 geese that collapse in the morning when let out of their pen.  It's like they have asthma or something.  I isolate them in the pen and after about 10 minutes they recover. It's inconvenient but I am dealing with it. It takes a morning chore that was 1/2 an hour and now it's an hour-long.

School is eh: I was 20 minutes late to my first Algebra exam because I was studying FOR it.  I got into class, apologize and grabbed the test. My brain froze and could only remember the quadratic formula.  Yeah...got a D on that bugger.

Chem is fine.  I hear I have to watch an ice cube melt for Engineering fundamentals.  great.

Knitting: I can only focus for about 10 minutes at a time.  Other than that, I've got a cat that needs my lap every stinking time I sit on the couch, whether or not I'm studying, 8 geese, two that faint, 4 ducks 3 that get along and one drake that's alone, 16 chickens -10 of which are the size of a small bottle of medicine (they're cute), 3 cats, one husband and one kid that all clamor for attention. I'm only one person - any animal under 3' BUGGER OFF! geez.

So I'm knitting hats. Apparently I knit hats in my sleep. I've attempted to start the back on the Aidez but was interrupted. What A FREAKING SHOCK!! Nothing I do is left uninterrupted lately!  I went to sew a nook bag for a friend of mine...got 10 minutes into it (it's quilted) interrupted. My Sister came over to see if I wanted to \_ another interruption - some telemarketer selling shit for seniors (dude, I'm 42 not 102) ok done w/ that- sell me her Son's car.

Interruptions have become my life lately and it's frustrating me to all heck. 

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