Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Honestly, I have been knitting! The thing is though, when you're working on a new design, you have to keep it secret.  This is a cowl that I've designed and now I need to write the pattern out and publish it. It's a nice, close knit pattern great for guys. This morning I wore it outside to test it out since it's 41 here in WI.

I'm also working on a stranded hat.  There's about 10 skeins of Knit Picks Palette that I scored for 50 cents a piece at Goodwill some time ago.  I've been playing with different stranded designs.  Sometimes I just want to mess around without a real aim.  The Aidez is taking a time out mainly because I am afraid to mess up the bind-off on the sleeve re-design. I know, ...get over it! It's getting colder, so that might be my impetus to get it done. I find that some of my homework reading is done better if I am knitting at the same time.  I concentrate better.
Bantam chicken update: we have 10 baby chicks under two hens in the garage. This is one of the two black/gray ones we have.  The odd part about this is that our hens are either speckled white or white, and our roosterss are either brown or white.  So where the black comes in? Who knows.  Genetics is a fickle science!

And they are little! This one is well....1/3 of my hand. I had him/her on a bale of straw but it wanted Mama so bad it started running and almost fell off.  We don't need that.  The broody girls are very good Mama's and do well in caring for their babies. It's interesting on how well they do just based on instinct.

That's George on the left, and Fred on the right. Our geese that hatched over 5 months ago.  Both of these boys were found last night all wobbly and panting for air. So Dave and I held onto them while we put the others into their pens for the night and for about another 1/2 an hour. George was my charge and he was just breathing so heavy I didn't know what else to do for him except keep him warm and talk to him to calm him down.

We suspect something was chasing them around the yard in the dark. We'll have to watch that and put them to bed earlier to keep them safe. This morning I watched them carefully, and they seemed fine.  Perhaps a bit more slow than usual. I told them to take it easy.  I've got one class today for an hour, so I'll spend the afternoon doing my Algebra outside to watch them.

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