Friday, July 27, 2012


Dave's still sleeping, which is odd for him.  Let him sleep. He's been working a lot lately.  So I'm up and getting the animals fed, watered and released from their pens.
Meet Sweet Pea, our smallest goose.  She is also the one who will allow us to touch her when she's not being held.  This morning they were all very chatty and very clingy.  From the time I let them out of their pen, they followed me around everywhere.  As I filled pools and water dishes, I had a chatty bunch of geese behind me.

They grow in front of your eyes, I swear! Each day I see new feathers, added inches to height and a thickening of that neck. If you compare Sweet Pea to George here, you can see the difference. 

George is 1 week older than Sweet Pea.  Here George is looking for water, but I'm busy filling the other pool. As they are too big these days for the back porch (what we call the laundry room. No, I don't know why) we created a pen for them in the garage where the 23 chickens were.

Where are the chickens, you ask?  In our freezer.  Last Friday we butchered them.   It's a hot mess to do, but we did. The best help we got was from our chicken plucker attachment we purchased for our drill. Chicken Plucker From Amazon is hands down the cheapest, yet best value for plucking those pesky feathers.

It took about 5 or 6 hours and the worst part of it was that I got a sunburn on the backs of my knees.  I had my back to the sun all day and I was too busy dressing out chickens to feel what was going on.

And here's the mafia ducks, who bully the geese around.  I've been trying to tell the geese there are more of them than there are ducks, but they're little still.

Knitting? Working on another Cavallo Point in white for charity.  Frogging sweaters for the angora and planning a sweater w/ some fisherman's wool.  Probably the Aidez...Sweater Link.

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