Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dear God

Dear God;

This is WISCONSIN, not Arizona! We cannot deal with 100 degree heat! No wait.........it's 101.
Our grass is brown, my flowers and garden have died.  People are losing their livestock and are looking at a complete loss of all crops.


We need rain - something that's not been seen for over 2 months.  Sure, 1/2" last Saturday was cute, but really? It lasted like 10 minutes and did nothing for my lawn.  You ever try to teach geese how to graze on brown grass?


It's gotten to the point where all I do is schlep the hose around filling buckets, pools and waterers all...freaking...day.  Who can work when I have to make sure 35 animals have enough water to keep them from dying when it's been over 95 degrees for over 2 weeks...without rain.

Yeah, God...thanks for forgetting us. Asshole. 

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