Thursday, July 12, 2012

Same Ol' Same Ol'

It's the usual stuff that keeps me away from blogging: family, fowl and knitting.  The family is good; in fact my Son was selected as Member of the Month at the Y. When he decided on joining the Air Force, he was 40 pounds overweight. Now he's down to the last 10.  That's pretty good!
The funny thing? that's a 3x shirt he's wearing. Now it looks like he stole it from a hobo.  Not dissing hobo's mind you. 

Fowl: Yeah, freaking fowl.  Geese are getting big and getting feathers. They are in a cranky, tetchy mood.  One of the goslings, Sissy has taken to chewing on her siblings' tailfeathers.  It's annoying them and awarded her her very own cubby next to the rest of the flock.  She can see and hear them, but she can't nibble on tails.
Sissy was hatched with her left eye deformed. We suspect that she can see movement, but not clear movement.  Other than that stupid tailfeather thing, she's our most lovable goosie. She likes to be held and luvs, luvs, LOVES hair! Here she's nibbling on Dave's hair.

Knitting: Cavallo Point shawl is done.  Knitted in Malabrigo Lace, it was a quick knit that helped me pass the time duck and goose watching.  It's not been blocked yet, but it does show the nice lace motif of the pattern.
I've had such a smooth time with that pattern that I'm now doing it in a cream lace weight yarn.

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