Tuesday, July 31, 2012

 Oh hey there!

Sissy says Hi.  She was especially talkative today and wanted attention.  I think she's just adorable!

It took her a few minutes to realize the rest of the flock -er gaggle- had moved on to a different grazing area.

She caught up in typical Sissy fashion: All honking and waddling around.  Her defective left eye means she relies on the responses from her family to tell her where to go.

So I finished off another Cavallo Point the other day. and  this one is in white.

I was not happy with the ending in the pattern as I thought it was too abrupt, so I attempted to make one that would resemble the borders. Not bad, I think.

The scallops were made in a short-row fashion. I knitted the same shape as the outer border with the increases and decreases, knitting the last of the group from the scallop + one from the shawl each right side.  It's a charity item, one to be raffled off at the Church's Harvest Festival in September.  I'll need to block it before then.

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