Sunday, June 17, 2012

Old MacDonald had a farm

I'm not that old, nor am I MacDonald, but I am part Scottish!
To count:
Three goslings hatched last week.  That was primarily why I was not blogging.  One was a bit slow emerging from the egg and needed help.

There are 24 chickens under that galvanized roof that is the brooder.  They are bigger now, but still UGly! These chickens were bred for meat and show it: large breasts, spotty feather production, stupid as the day is long.

We put them in the garage for protection until they are big enough to head on out to the coop. The coop is 99% done - we are working on shingles and that's it.  If it weren't 100 degrees in the shade, that would be done by now.

Four ducks. They're fun to watch.  Until a few days ago, they were out in the laundry room. They're only a month old, but they wanted out...really wanted out.  So now they are in the coop with the larger chickens.

Yesterday it rained for about 15 minutes.  Those ducks were outside happily preening and oiling their new feathers during the whole thing.  They've been staying mostly in the coop hiding or something but this morning they headed for the lilac bush directly across from their new home.

 And for the last: The 6 larger chickens: Fried, Fricassee, Broasted, Broiled, Sauteed, and Curried. The Roosters are Fried and Fricassee, with Fried being the white one.  They like to fight and dominate and crow.  All the time with the flipping crowing...............

Thirty five animals; not counting the three cats inside. Two months ago, we had just 3 cats.

oh and knitting? I made a bunny for a friend of mine's daughter's birthday.

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