Saturday, June 30, 2012

Thoughts on stuff

High School Reunions: Mine is coming up on the 25th year this year.  I'm not going, nor have I gone to any of the others.  When I think about going, it gets my stomach wrapped up in knots with stress.  High School was not the wonderful, la-la-la that others must have had. I mean, they celebrate it with reunions, right? I was depressed through High School, horribly depressed.  That's what I remember. Oh, I had a few friends, but I just cannot force myself to pretend that those years were the best of my life.

Returning Student: Yeah, I called to register for classes at the Community College yesterday, stating I was a 'returning student'.  The lady questioned, "Oh, you were here for Spring Semester?" to which I replied, "Yeah, about 23 years ago."  There was a pause after that.  I then realized there were kids attending college who weren't even born the last time I was at College.  Kinda depressing and positive at the same time.

Heat: I'm a WI girl; I can put more clothes ON in the winter to stay warm.  I'm down to the absolute minimum I can take off and still have my dignity. It's too freaking hot! And we desperately need rain. All storms either fizzle out before they get here, or skip right over us.

Poultry: Another gosling died last week, about 4 days after we got it.  The hatchery was real good in responding to our email about what could have happened; they thought it was stress. It was either that or some sort of physical deformity. The gosling was gasping for air for two days before it mercifully just died in my hands.  Otherwise, 8 geese, 4 ducks, 30 chickens still wander around the farm doing their thing.

Birthdays: Hubby had another birthday, he's doing just great about it.  I never understood those people who get their knickers in a twist over their age.

Knitting: Cavallo Point is proceeding nicely. Other stuff has been shelved because I don't care.  Tour De Fleece starts like...soon.  I need to card up some Alpaca and spin it.

AAAND a picture:

OH and Cap Sleeves: Whomever designed dresses with these deserves to be tortured! I end up digging them sleeve out of my armpit like every 5 minutes because they just don't. fit. right! STOP MAKING THINGS WITH CAP SLEEVES! Another 2" of sleeve length is all that is needed.

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