Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not So Random Tuesday

Today is recall election day here in Wisconsin.  I'm sad to admit it, but I've learned a lot about how horrible people can be to each other in the last 2 years.  It culminates today, but I do not think I will forget the abuses hurled at me by my own family very soon.  I've learned a lot, and most of it is just depressing.

On the re-entry to Uni front: I've applied for admission to our UW System. I am three courses away from an Associate's degree. After High School graduation in 1987, I attended our UW Center for two years.  That is why I've gotten so close to that degree.  I'll just throw that one up with the one I got from BTC.    The important issue is the Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering.  Some smart local businesses got together and and donated money towards land, building and professors so that people like me don't have to drive to Platteville to get my degree, but I can earn it at U-Rock.  That saves a ton of money, commute time and resources.

And in about 3-4 years I will have a degree.

So randomness:
Not as random as I usually do, but it does help those who want to raise chickens and ducks.  We brought home a cardboard box to brood the chickens/ducks.  Brooding is keeping them warm in an isolated spot until the blighters get their feathers.  Above the area is a warming lamp that is calibrated by putting a thermometer in the middle of the pool and adjusting the height of the lamp until it reads correctly.  At this point it needs to read 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The cardboard box did not work all that well as liquid crap + water soaked through and the bottom fell out.   The ducks like to splash water all over and the chickens crap like champs.  I was changing out the bedding once a day with  a clothes pin on my nose.

So we bought a cheap plastic wading pool.   I still needed to change the bedding once a day, but not the cardboard box.  This little area is in our laundry room.  25 chickens and 4 ducks fit in it just fine for about 4 days.  As you see, the chickens look horrible.  That's because they are losing their down and replacing it with feathers.  They are not happy about it either.  Lots of 'help me' calls come from them. It's a very loud, "PEEP!!PEEP!!PEEP!!PEEP!!PEEP!!PEEP!!PEEP!!PEEP!!PEEP!!" that is one common call among all the poultry we've had. Geese, ducks and chickens make that same call when they need help.

Now they are stashed under the real brooder. It's a thing that looks like a roof of a shed. Inside is a heater and a lamp.  It rests on 4 adjustable legs. Dave got it from the magic barn.  The ducks are staying inside as their heat needs are more than the chickens.  They're chatty ducks too.  Every time I open the door they start talking. 

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