Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random Tuesday and other stuff

It was a tough week last week.  The death of Goosie, then a brutal head cold kept me pretty much laid up on the recliner heavily medicated.   I've been trying to work on a satchel-type bag that was never real popular (except for one Aussie who likes it) but I find real handy. So...for a few pictures..
The first is a delft blue with yellow interior. It's about 15" wide by 12" deep. I need to finish up securing the raw edges. Raw edges like to snag yarn. And now that I look at the picture and the real thing, yes...the pockets are a bit skewed on this one. 
This was the first one made.  I'm not happy with the loops for the strap: too much raw edge showing. I also did not like the size as it's very deep but not very wide. And it's skewed too.  I gotta work on that. 
The last one is hard to see the pockets in the front because the interior fabric coordinates with the exterior so well.  Now this one might be a bit TOO big 16" by 14" 

There are no pockets inside these bags, just the two (or 3 on the pink one) large pockets in the front of the bag.  The goal with these bags is to put 3 or 4 small KIPs in them to store while travelling or to keep them safe while the projects are in process.  I've got one sweater marinating in a bag like this that I will probably pick up again when it gets colder. 

Now sewing up these bags is like 90% easy 10% tedious.  The last bit requires thread and needle work.  Because of the nature of 2-sided  quilted fabric, I needed to bind off the seams with extra fabric like this: 

and that requires hand stitching WHICH I would have been done with if I had not caught a cold.  I'm recovering, but it will take about another week. The downside of having asthma is that each cold tries it's best to kill me by settling into my lungs.  Like there's an upside to asthma, right?

Random Photo:

My son, Alex and my cat, Tigger.  We are up in my sewing room avoiding the whirlwind cleaning actions of my husband.  When he gets in a mood to start cleaning on Friday, we scatter.  It's just easier to stay out of his way than attempt to help.

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