Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I forgot Random Tuesday!

OMG! As my lame excuse, let me show you what we've accomplished in the last week:

Those 6 chickens are now happily ensconced in their new coop.  Yeah sure, it's not shingled and it needs another coat of paint, but we're in crunch time here.  This Friday we are getting 25 more chickens and 6 ducks. They will be babies, but we needed to clean out the garage so we can put the brooder back down. To do that, these 6 chickens needed to be in the coop.

By the way the ^%#^% chickens don't like the roost I made them.  They're roosting on the rafters now. Flipping chickens!   More goose eggs are incubating.  Expected hatching is in about 2 weeks. I have been candling them this time and from my novice expertise, I say about 4 out of 8 look viable. But because I am a novice we will incubate all 8 for the 30 days.  Hey, call me pro-life.

Knitting is going on.  I've made a pillow for my aging Tigger,

a Wingspan shawl from leftover yarn, a Mango for our bud Francis

Made from Bernat Mosaic, he was much larger than my Mango and Papaya, but machine washable.  The nice thing about self striping yarn is not having to color change as much.  The arms and legs were made with the Bernat and some Acrylic stuff. Caron I think.

There is a pattern for a simple throw made from bulky acrylic yarn that I am creating.  The pattern is a very simple 12 row repeat.  The only barrier to showing it off to the world and publishing it is the darned knitting.  No worries, it is knitting up fast!

--- And CONGRATULATIONS goes out to my favorite Receiver Donald Driver for winning Dancing With The Stars!!

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