Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Perhaps tomorrow....

I was planning on downloading a short video of the gosling, but SOMEONE (sliding my eyes over to my Son...Grrr) is hogging the bandwidth!

Anyways, research into the African Goose shows me a large, very talkative, friendly-when-not-mating goose.  Yeah, sure. I wasn't going to get attached to that kind of bird! Perhaps we'll start our own breeding flock and sell the babies. Who knows?

Random Tuesday will start............now (I pick randomly from my file of pictures..once a week)

Oh, Sally!  This is my Mother and Father-in-Law's black Lab Sally.  She's now 4, which means in Lab age, she finally has become an adult.  But as you see, she still thinks a game of fetch means to bring someone a flipping tree stump.

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