Tuesday, November 8, 2011

There are Days...

I quit smoking in 2008.  Many smokers are still jealous of that fact, more because I just stopped than anything else.  No pills, no gum, no anything. I just quit.  BUT there are days like yesterday that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a smoke.  Stressful days, frustrating days. Yes, to grab a Marb menthol lights 100 and just inhale.........

*On a off-topic note: While trolling for this pic, I weeded through a lot of pics from a lot websites.  Man, are there some militaristic, vehemently anti-smoking web sites!  Dudes, WE GET IT.  All of the smokers I know struggle with their addiction EVERY. DAY. Just effing stop with the overwhelming guilt trip, K? You're not helping. One anti-smoking group came to the public schools and  had my Granddaughter CONVINCED that her mom would blow up from smoking.  She was crying, begging for Mom to stop in absolute fear that Mom's head would blow off.  Just EFFING STOP scaring kids too.**

I've got orders, and my sewing machine was so bad that I've been sewing only on demand. If I get an order, I'd go upstairs, put my earplugs in and sew the bag.  Yes. Earplugs.  That Brother sewing machine had gotten so loud that it was the only way I could suppress my urge to 'fix' the machine and just sew.  I trot on upstairs to the sewing/spare room and get to it.  Except yesterday that stupid flipping machine could not even eke out 12" without one thread or the other breaking.

Cursing ensued. My usual threat to throw it out the window did not even work. Oh yes, I knew this day was coming and I had kinda prepared for it.  I've scanned reviews of other machines, watched for sales etc.  I had to drop everything, drive 1/2 an hour to the nearest sewing store, get another one, drive another 20 minutes to get my Son's birthday present, then drive 40 minutes back home.   This is a drive I would have much rather taken on my day off.

It's replacement is this one:
A Singer Talent.  I'm never, ever buying another Brother Sewing Machine again. I'm sticking with Singers. It works well so far, but I've only had one day with it.  $100 at JoAnn's.  I also stopped buying the big buck sewing machines too, as they really weren't better. 

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