Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving in a new perspective

Thanksgiving for a lot of people this year is going to be more of a challenge than years past.  Not a lot to be thankful for when you've lost those things that make you feel secure in your life like health insurance and your retirement savings. Yes, I've lost both this year, BUT it allows me to focus on other issues to be thankful for.  I must remember that having the ability to use my intelligence to gather the needed information to get things I need is much more important than having those things given to me.

(Pic: Dave saluting me at Leinenkugel's this summer)

 I know that keeping healthy, exercising and eating proper foods will keep me pretty darned healthy.  We've joined the Y and are participating in group exercise sessions to gain strength, maintain flexibility and keep the immune system high. Our family grows their own vegetables and consumes a large amount of locally harvested venison.  Venison is much leaner than beef - which helps the waistline as much as the exercise does.  That will suffice for health insurance for now.

I have the ability to learn new skills.  To prepare for a retirement that might be delayed by about 10 years, I will be going back to Tech School to gain certification in metal fab and welding. Apparently you cannot get a job in that skill without one- which sucks.  To start a new good career, I have to spend $5,000. BUT I am hoping to make at least $15/hour after I get my certificate.  I can save more for both retirement and emergency needs with that kind of pay.
(Pic: Dave with his method of cutting sweet corn to prepare for freezing. It takes a bundt pan, and a sharp knife)

I use my skills, my intelligence to keep this family in the things they need as cheaply as possible. I cannot remember the last time I purchased a clothing item at full price.  Hey, who needs that when I can get things slightly used at Goodwill? I'm wearing a pair of tennis shoes that are like $80 full price that I snagged for $9 and they look like they weren't worn at all. My sewing, knitting and spinning skills work well to keep us warm for the winter as well.
(Pic: Alex -albeit a much younger Alex- showing off a baked item he made from scratch)

 My son is learning to make some amazing food from scratch using recipes found on the internet.  He made a delish dish of Thai peanut chicken from scratch. Now that's a dish that would be ...what? $15 at the restaurant? He made it for less than $15 for all three of us. He is also learning the skills to make do for himself than relying on someone to make it for him.  That's a skill that he will need for the rest of his life.

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