Sunday, November 13, 2011

That month of blogging is like over, right?

I did reasonably well for a person who ignores her blog for months at a time.
So I'm going to go random for today's effort:

1. Saw the remake of True Grit.  My Dad's a huge John Wayne fan and I've sat through the original dozens of times.  I don't like Glen Cambell's take on Le Boeuf.  It's 'dandified' as I say.  Matt Damon played the role better. The remake was excellent. It's a talent of the director to set out the story without allowing emotion. He just sets the scenes and lets the audience emote. Jeff Bridges played an excellent Rooster Cogburn, but Hailee Steinfeld, who played Mattie was excellent in her role.

2. We missed the last part of Harry Potter in the theatres again. No spoilers please. I'm thinking I've got to go buy it so I can sob piteously in the privacy of my own home.

3. River Tam, the scarf is done and as a present to the world it is free.   If you are on Ravelry, the link is HERE. My friend Kerri dyed it in colors of a river for me.  She was really nervous about it for some reason.  I told her to stop, relax and realize that I'm just not that picky. Pic:
That's the scarf around my neck. That is me trying to pretend to be a professional model, that's Tyler just looking to be petted on the back of the couch.

4. Last week was our Anniversary, Our Sons' Birthday and My Birthday all rolled into one week. It's a busy week every year.  My husband made me Baklava for my birthday. It was really, really good.

5. Alex and I have joined the Y to see if that would work better than the gym in Brodhead.  I'm thinking that a more structured form of physical training would get Alex on the way to the military.  Cross your fingers, say more prayers...this boy needs direction in his life. It frustrates me that he has none.  At his age, I was going to college full time and working 2 part time jobs. Why is it that the kids these days just lack any ambition? ~sigh~

6.  The new furnace is working well.  Dave did his annual plastic window covering day yesterday and it seems as though the furnace is not kicking in as much as it did last year. I am hoping for a reduction in our heating bills.

7. My Niece has been over many time in the last few weeks attempting to shoot a deer. It's bow season here.  A few shots have been taken, but no real hits.  If you're still in a praying mood, send one up so that she gets a deer.  I feel that it would do wonders for her self-confidence if she was successful. Besides, her family could use the venison.

8. Now that it's colder out, I've been doing more spinning on my wheel.  Right now, white alpaca.

Ok, Dave just gave me a bowl with chocolate mousse.. Gotta go~ !

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