Monday, November 26, 2007

Smokeless: 3rd Day

This is my 3rd day without a ciggarette. I quit on the way up to the In-Law's on Friday. Why? Well that of a Governor put another $1 tax on each pack of ciggs. Don't get me started on why that is just another log thrown on the witch-hunt bonfire that goes on against smokers. And certainly, the 3rd day nicotine free is definitely NOT a good day to tick me off, it could cause me to commit homicide.

For those of you who have never had to kick a habit; first of all I congratulate you on not having a stupid moment and starting one. Next, let me give you a hint on how it feels to be in nicotine withdrawl. Take one of those days that you've had a bad day: Things not working, stuff breaking, nothing going your way, people constantly butting in front of you, cars cutting in front of you then stopping suddenly. Now take that bad day, and DOUBLE it.

Now remember, keep your patience! Don't snap at others for their stupidity, don't show any impatience at all. Remember: you're the evil one for smoking in the first place, and this is your penance!

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