Tuesday, November 6, 2007

8 Years ago today, I woke up next to my Fiancee and said, "We're getting married today!" That day was as unconventional as our treatment of it. A wedding in our opinion was a ceremony to note, but it was the marriage that we focused on. In our opinion, too many couples focused all their energy on the perfect wedding and not on the perfect marriage.
We got hitched in a church for 1/4 of what many people spend on their weddings. I made the bridesmaid's dresses, the flowers, my veil, the decorations and left the making of the dress and invitation to professionals.
Before we got married, we did agree on a few things: to consult each other before purchases made over a set amount. We would also have respect for each other no matter if we were angry with each other. On issues of dealing with the kid, we'd provide a united front. Any disagreement is done later and in private.
Here's to another 80 years of marriage!

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