Thursday, November 29, 2007

I've finished off the newer and bigger skull cap. OK, I've actually made two of them out of Misti-Alpaca with Misti-Alpaca laceweight liner. These do fit actual adult humans. I've got another one to make. I only wanted to make one, but as you see, this one does not come off my son's head. He'd sleep in it if he could. So I had to make another one for my Nephew and then another one for my Niece. She saw it and had to have one.
The shawl and stole are at a standstill. My progress on a lot of things was halted. My Great-Uncle passed away on Sunday Night and we had the funeral yesterday. Uncle Ken was 88 and loved horses, old tractors and bluegrass.
I've said 'to heck with it' on the smoke-free effort. I'm smoking 3 ciggarettes a day these days. On day 5 without a cigg, it took me 3 tries to fill the coffee maker. I finally admitted that I was not prepared to become the most frustratingly awkward person on earth just because I stopped smoking. Next time I will need to come up with a plan for that.

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