Friday, April 17, 2015

Your lesson in cyberbullying

(I apparently linked the photos to a place where they were removed, So I removed the photos. Sorry about that.)

Yesterday, I made an offhand comment about an arrest photo of a woman who was arrested stealing over $250,000 from Wal Mart by returning stolen merchandise. My comment was that the news station should warn us before posting such pictures because to be honest...the woman was ugly.

And that's where the cyber-bullying started. Five people decided that because they deemed me to be just as ugly as the woman in the photo, that it was acceptable to bully me. They decided that it was right, honest and holy to call me ugly...repeatedly and to my face.  Not only that, but because they deem me ugly, I should shut up and slink back into my ugly-hole.

No worries, folks, I've got photos. I erased the last name of the offenders but kept their first names. I also would warn you that my usual penchant for cursing is in there as well. I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. I curse a lot.
 Now, some of this is duplicated, but it's worth a perusal. Pay attention to how many times someone alluded to, or hinted at me being ugly without really saying it. That's an important fact, well...actually THE most important fact. It's a trait that is the primary tool of a passive-aggressive narcissist. Apparently my offhand comment was like fishing...and I caught 5 of them at the same time.

I will mention that this is an offshoot of the regular comments. In the regular comments there were a number of people who also commented that the woman in the photo was ugly. None of them received the same treatment as I. One person posted a photo comment from the movie Uncle Buck (funny movie, BTW) from the scene where Uncle Buck throws a quarter at the nasty teacher and tells her to go downtown and get a rat to chew the mole off her face. Gee, that seemed a bit harsh, didn't it? But did it garner the attention of Mike, Nikki, Tabitha and Stephanie? Nope! Just ugly me.

This whole thing put me in a snit for the evening. Yep, that's ugly old me giving what I called, "Two fucks to the thought police of Facebook."

According to 5 of the cruelest, most evil persons I've encountered in recent history, I cannot utter an unkind word about anyone because ...get this...I am ugly. Ugly people have no voice in this world. Not only that, but because I uttered a one sentence about a woman in a photo, I must endure 5 (FIVE) people attacking me..and without any defense because.....I'm ugly.

The lesson to you as parents, and as people is this: This is the kind of people your kids encounter EVERY DAY on Facebook and Social Media. They pretend to be good people, but they are worse than those who are out-and-out bad people. They are evil and think they are good. Their passive-aggressive wordings of their bullying is an attempt to deflect any sort of criticism, and to skirt responsibility for their actions. They are so evil, so lame, so demented that they cannot even accept responsibility for their actions. They hide it.

If you see this type of conversations in your child's FB - and REALLY , You SHOULD CHECK IT REGULARLY, you need to shut those passive-aggressive bullies down IMMEDIATELY!! How? it's really simple: CALL THEM ON IT.

Call them on it repeatedly. Show their work to the world, NAME THEM AND SHAME THEM! Their passive-aggressive wordings and actions are meant to deflect them from any criticism. They are afraid of being shown to be the horrible people that they are, so DO IT. Show everyone how horrible they are. Your kids' life will depend on it.

Now I'm a 46 year old bitch with a thick hide. This conversation still pissed me off this morning. Had I known any of these people in real life, I would be over to their houses giving them the biggest reaming of their lives. There might be blood as well.

Pretending to be a Saint when you're really the Devil has a way of pissing me off more than when you're just being the Devil. 

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