Thursday, April 23, 2015

Knitting has been being done, honest!

With all the rants lately, you'd think I was not knitting. Actually I am, I just don't talk much about it. With part time work, part time flock,  part time school, I DO knit, just mostly when I'm sitting at the end of the day watching TV.

Incidentally, the thing that we've been watching other than movies lately is Grimm. We're trying to catch up on the whole storyline. It's an interesting show. I swear Monroe and his wife make the show with their candor. My 1/4 German ancestry comes in handy during the show too. My Paternal Grandmother is German, and much of my kin live in the same town today near Sparta WI. I know German.

First up is my prayer shawl  that I've been working on so long I swear it will have it's own birthday soon. It's the usual yarn from Hobby Lobby and a pattern that's easy to do.

The Pattern: 
* I usually start off with about 6 rows of garter stitch at the beginning and end so the shawl has a bit of structure. *
1 row of seed stitch
2 rows of stockinette.
Repeat endlessly until it is as long as you want.
(There are 5-stitch borders that are knitted on both the RS and WS to keep it from rolling)

I could count to see how many stitches are on it, but realistically, it would work for just about any # of stitches. For prayer shawls, my usual count is around 75 to make a good and useful shawl.

The colorway is not one I'd usually get. One day I was standing there facing 100 different colors of yarn and could not make a pick. I looked at the lady next to me and said, "I'm picking out yarn for a prayer shawl. I can't decided what color to choose. Can you choose a new color for me?" So ..........she did.

this is the start of the Lin-Lin shawl. An actual *paid for* pattern! For the first part, it's just short row, wrap and turn ribbing for about 10 years. I'm about 1/2 done with that 1st part, but need to get more of this Malabrigo worsted to finish.

I had this yarn sitting here forever and a day waiting for a project.  Now it has one and I need a few more.  This stuff is so squishy and fluffy I just want to pet it forever. But instead, how about I just make a shawl I can wrap myself in? I want it big and warm and squishy.

bottom up cardigan sweater in a seafoam color that apparently is troublesome to photograph. It's a cabled front placket with stockinette everywhere else. Right now, it's cable, knit mindlessly, cable for another 6" or so. The yarn is wool-ease from Lion Brand so I can wash it if it gets nasty.

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