Saturday, December 20, 2014

With an Eye towards the future......

Is it safe?Are all the integrals gone?
I'm also sporting a Deephaven
Cowl that I finally finished!
I will never have to take another difficult math class again! Yes, I advanced far enough to pass Calculus 2 with a dip into Differential Equations. That is, unless I bombed the final. I would not recommend that someone decide to abandon their course in University two weeks before a final. You find that your give-a-shit busts in every way. I wanted to do well in Calc, and I didn't even take the Circuits final, because..there was just no way that I was going to get anything other than an F in the class anyways.

And If you are in WI, thinking of taking the UW Platteville "Collaborative" course in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, DON'T. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY...................DON'T!

Mango, made for a couple who sat next
to me in Calculus. They have a daughter
who is young.
It's a ruse: They take your money, show you a decent lab then ...well, that's it. There's no help for you in Janesville or the Fox Valley. The teacher will fuck up the online classes so you can't see them, you'll have to GO to Platteville for any tutoring and then find out that the next semester that the material needed to perform labs is ONLY AT PLATTEVILLE. Yep, they don't even have the correct equipment here to do your labs. It's a fucking ruse to take your money. Yes, I'm still angry about this because of the fact that I was promised one thing, only to find out it was just to take my money. I expected better from the University of Wisconsin.

They lied and lied and lied and now I have to pay for that. BUT, in a better, more optimistic tone, I'll be starting classes at Blackhawk Technical College in January. I'll be at the Monroe campus studying Microbiology. Yeah, not much better than Calculus, right? LOL. But at least I know that there is help available and all the tools needed for me to get my degree are right there.

My friend Butchie is battling Lung Cancer and kicking
it's ass, but he needs to not be breathing cold air, so
I knitted him a Bandanna Cowl out of hideous acrylic. 
On a knitting note: I've been knitting while studying. See the photos as they are all cool.  Well, that Bandana cowl is not cool, but necessary. After a discussion with Butchie and the fact that the cold Wisconsin air was messing with his Chemo, I whipped that monster out in less than a day. I hope he burns it when he's done with all this treatment.

Prayer shawls are still being made, but at a slower pace. Butchie got his Packer Prayer Throw just in time for it to help him keep warm during chemo treatments. He says it keeps his bottom half warm while the top half is exposed so the nurses can get to his port....or whatever they call it.

Butch's Jackson Blanket made in colors of WIN.
We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this year. Nothing special in the celebration, just a bit of reminiscing with friends. I posted like 20 pictures from the wedding on Facebook so those who attended could see how young they were back then. Butchie and his wife were in attendance even back then, so I had to show him how cute they looked. A few others in those photos have passed on, and it was good to remember them as they were, especially Mark who was one of our Ushers.

It was also then that I had to admit to everyone that one painful thing: Dave and I met on the internet. In a chat room, In a Yahoo chat room. Back in 1997, Yahoo chat rooms were not filled with spam bots selling porn. They had actual people with actual thoughts. About 75 of us would gather every night in the Wisconsin area of the Adult Yahoo Chat room (that way we could swear without being moderated) and we'd chat about odd stuff.

After about 6 wintry months of that, we all decided to meet IRL and see what we looked like. That started a thing where we'd meet up about once every few months IRL somewhere and just party. Dave and I met IRL in  Racine at a party. He like my smile, I liked the he nibbled my ear and that was the end of it. We got married two years later.

Look at him...handsome devil ....he really fell for it didn't he?? Despite all those who warned him not to, he married me!  ;)

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